Credit card processing in eight simple steps

It’s okay to be a tyro in credit card processing. You are using a credit card for your business as simple as you think. Whenever any person is trying to learn something, it looks complicated and unattainable. It becomes simple when we start to practice it or do it. Once we discovered it seems more attainable and accessible. The same process work with a credit card. Once you get to use it, you will enjoy using it. will help you to clear your doubts and will help in learning the credit card processing.

Know the steps to be followed while learning a credit card processing.

Making the purchase

Almost all people have phones and internet connection nowadays. People visit several platforms on social media. They came through several advertisements that are enough to attract them to buy their products. It creates excitement to buy that product for yourself. They visit sites or pages on Instagram or Facebook for making the purchase. Go through the item that you have select for purchasing. Customers can use the credit for online payment for the item.

Entering the transaction

The next step is to add all the details on the box given for payment of the product on that particular website. You have to fill the credentials like your card name, card number. Holder name and the CVV or password that makes your payment secure.

Transmitting the data

Now, the system works through the terminal with all the credentials that you have filled in the given box. It operates through a secure payment network. The payment network is connected to the secure processing network.

Approve or decline

As the data gets transmitted, a credit card issuer like a bank or any financial institute with which the card has been issued can permit or decline the transaction. It totally depends on the credit card issuer to authorise the transaction. The permission depends on credit card holder available funds in the account, the validity of the credit card or the deal.


As the transaction completed, the merchant and the customer gets an instant response.

It will help both of them to keep track of the transaction and records for future needs.

Completing the transaction

Now, the merchant completes the transaction from their end.

Submitting a closure

The merchant completes the credit card processor. This process closes the traction for the day. In the end, the processor acquiring the bank collects funds from the issuer.

Deposition of funds

The funds then get deposited in the respective account within forty-eight hours of the transaction.